Woman Performs Dentistry On A Saber-Tooth Squirrel

Functional teeth are obviously very important to our daily lives, so seeing your Plantation family dentist for regular checkups and oral maintenance is very important. But sometimes we don’t think about the importance of our teeth until we see a story like this one, featuring a squirrel whose teeth went horribly wrong and impaired his ability to do what squirrels do — raid the bird feeder and eat nuts and seeds.

Mashable reports the story of Bucky the squirrel, who was a frequent visitor to Jannett Talbott’s feeder in Canada. Talbott noticed that Bucky had a problem. She noticed that Bucky’s teeth were severely overgrown, making him look more like a saber-tooth tiger than a tree-climbing rodent.

Squirrels are rodents, and rodents’ teeth never stop growing. They have to gnaw on things constantly to wear their teeth down, and if they don’t, they find themselves in a situation like Bucky. Their teeth grow in a spiral, making it impossible to close their mouth or eat properly.

The teeth could even cause injuries to the rodent’s face or skull if they curve back towards them.

Talbott wanted to save Bucky from that fate, so she grabbed the squirrel and cut his teeth with a cuticle trimmer, something she learned to do on YouTube.

She then released Bucky back outside, and she hopes the situation doesn’t re-develop.

You can see before-and-after pictures of Bucky here.

Fortunately, people’s teeth don’t keep on growing throughout life, but they do require regular maintenance. Contact the office of your Plantation family dentist, Dr. Steven Rosenberg and Associates, for all of your human dental needs. Their team of amazing doctors, gentle dental hygienists, thorough clinical technicians and friendly office team will ensure your dentist office visit is nothing short of exemplary.

Their services include regular checkups, cosmetic dentistry including Invisalign straightening, restorative services, and all other aspects of oral care. But If you need to perform squirrel dentistry, you’re probably on your own.

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