Unlicensed Port St Lucie, Florida Dentist Busted

Jose Espinoza-Aleman was busted for operating as a dentist without a license.

We are hearing more and more in the media about people pretending to be doctors and dentists. This trend will continue as long as there are people that are looking for “cut-rate” cheaper services due to their own financial hardships. Here is another one of those stories right here in Florida. Another phony dentist to report on.


Amazingly enough, this phony dentist in the Treasure Coast had fifty to one hundred patients according to records seized. But we can all sleep a little better and our mouths are safe knowing that this unlicensed Port St. Lucie, Florida dentist got busted.


What Was Aleman Doing

St. Lucie County detectives say that Jose Espinoza-Aleman didn’t have a license and accepted only cash payments. This should seem a bit odd for a dental office. Sheriff Ken Mascara says the investigation began with an anonymous tip.

The tip led them to a two-story medical office building in the 1600 block of St. Lucie West Boulevard, where they say Aleman was seeing dental patients.

“I just trusted in the service that was being provided and I was misled,” said Daniel Yeakel, one of the dental patients.

Yeakel works as a subcontractor installing granite in homes and businesses. He says he went to see Jose Espinoza-Aleman in April at DTS Dental Technology to have a wisdom tooth pulled. He says he paid $300 cash for the service.

“I had a tooth extracted and three to four hours later, I was in excruciating pain and my mouth, as well as my jaw, swelled up.”

“My mouth was swelled up to a degree of just painful, I couldn’t really talk as much and I was having problems breathing at the same time because I was in so much pain,” Yeakel said. 


He says he was in so much pain, he had to go to an emergency walk-in clinic.

Aleman Gets Busted

According to detectives, Yeakel is one of two patients who developed serious infections after they were treated by Aleman.

Aleman, 52, was arrested for practicing dentistry without a license. They say he had fifty to one hundred patients and accepted only cash. The Sheriff says he was treating patients in a dental lab and he also offered night time appointments. They say he’s licensed to practice dentistry in El Salvador, but not in the United States.

The Sheriff says Yeakel does have a dental X-ray license valid in the United States.

Sheriff Mascara says they’re reaching out to the public, asking anyone else who was treated by Aleman to come forward to see if anyone else has been harmed. Mascara said he did not know if Aleman treated adults and children, or just adults.

“It’s a concern, a grave concern, that someone could’ve been hurt or developed something very serious that led to their death,” he said.

Yeakel, meanwhile, wants to pass along this advice.

“The advice I would have is I guess, do thorough research,” he said.

St. Lucie County investigators say Aleman was also dispensing drugs without a prescription. Aleman remains behind bars and now the Florida Department of Health has also launched an investigation. It only will get worse from here out for this fella.

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