Take Your Child To The Library Before Their First Trip To The Dentist

Before your child makes his or her first visit to the dentist’s office of Plantation family dentist Dr. Rosenberg and Associates, you might want to consider visiting the library to check out a book about what to expect.

Children are often apprehensive about visiting the dentist. There a lot of scary sounds, intimidating machines and even unusual smells in a dental office. And though Dr. Rosenberg and his staff will treat your child with the utmost care and compassion, sometimes the anticipation of going to have their teeth cleaned can cause anxiety in some children.

There are a lot of books about going to the dentist starring some of your children’s favorite characters.

In Dentist Trip, Peppa Pig tags along with her friend George on his first dental visit. Then there’s Curious George Visits the Dentist, which introduces the mischievous monkey to the teeth-cleaning process.

There’s Just Going to the Dentist, which is about Little Critter’s first trip to the dentist.

There’s also a “before you go” book called I’m Going to the Dentist.

Parents Magazine offers some other tips for helping your child relax before and during dental checkup visits:

  • Start early so going to the dentist becomes a routine part of their life.
  • Keep your explanation of what’s going to happen at the dentist’s office simple.
  • Emphasize that the dentist is going to make their teeth “clean” and “healthy.”
  • Play pretend with your child before the visit, letting them be the “dentist” and the patient. Give them a toothbrush and let them role-play with a doll or stuffed animal.
  • Stay calm when your young child cries or resists an exam. Follow the guidance of the dental professionals, who will recommend coping strategies.
  • Avoid bribing your child by promising a special treat afterwards, which might send the message that they’re in for something unpleasant before they get their reward.

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