Take Care Of Your Teeth And You’ll Keep Them For Decades

If you take good care of your oral health by visiting your Fort Lauderdale area dentist on a regular basis, your teeth can last you a lifetime. And who knows — maybe hundreds or thousands of years from now a scientist may look at your teeth and be able to tell something about our current human civilization.

A new study that took a close look at dinosaur teeth is doing just that, determining how dinosaurs from centuries ago lived their live. The study shows that not only can scientists tell what kind of dinosaur it was by looking at their teeth, they can also tell specifically how and what it ate.

Carnivorous dinosaurs have teeth look that like knives that are serrated along the cutting edges, Scientific American reported, so it’s easy to look at a fossil tooth and take the first step — deciding whether the tooth belonged to a carnivore or a plant-eater. Scientists know that carnivores had jaws like giant scissors and didn’t really chew or grind their food into smalle pieces.

But paleontologist Angelica Torices and her colleagues looked at the teeth of several coelurosaurus to see what microscopic damage told us about their feeding behavior.

All of the teeth they studied, regardless of size or species, showed the same kind of scratches on them, showing that they all chewed with a similar puncture-and-pull-style motion.

Since dental health is part of overall health, visiting a dental office regularly should be part of your physical care routine. You may not need your teeth to last for centuries, but you will need them for decades to come.

Whether you’re a carnivore, a vegetarian, a vegan, a pescatarian or an omnivore, you need to have healthy teeth. Make sure that the appearance of your teeth isn’t holding you back. Visit Plantation family dentist Rosenberg and Associates.

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