Long Island Dentist Returns After Paralyzed In Dominican Republic

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In a rare instance of a “feel good” story, here is one that touches the dental community. A beloved children’s dentist on Woodmere, Long Island, New York, is back at work just five months after he was paralyzed on vacation in the Dominican Republic.

Dr. Joseph Brofsky DDS was on vacation with friends in early March when he was struck by an eight-foot tall crashing wave while standing in about three feet of water.

“I wasn’t surfing or doing anything crazy, I was looking the wrong way,” Brofsky said Thursday.

How Did it Happen

The 62-year-old beachgoer hit the ground and snapped his neck in the freak accident. He completely lost the use of his arms and legs. He was floating stomach down and holding his breath.

It was at that moment, he thought he was going to die. His friend pulled him out of the water and Brofsky said he remembered “having a conversation with God” about how this wasn’t his time because he was waiting for the birth of his first grandchild.

He was flown by Medivac to North Shore University Hospital after spending time in the hospital in Santo Domingo, where he underwent a two and a half hour spinal surgery.

Doctors weren’t sure if Brofsky would ever walk again. He defeated the odds and started walking again five weeks later. He even returned to work in June.

Although he isn’t back to practicing dentistry, Brofsky is thankful to be teaching dentistry at Cohen Children’s Medical Center.

“It was a great recovery especially from being not able to walk or feed myself to being back here teaching,” Brofsky said. “The best part of the story is I get to hold my grandson who was born, and when I saw the baby, I did cry like a baby.”

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