oral health

How High-Tech Tools Can Help Maintain Oral Health

oral health
Oral health care has come a long way.

Technology can have a big impact on your oral health. Whether it’s at your dentist’s office or on your phone, new technology can make a difference in oral health.

Perhaps that shouldn’t come as a surprise. Why should oral health lag virtually every other area of life.

Connected toothbrushes

Smart watches and other wearable devices can track such vitals as your heart rate. But you can also connect your toothbrush via bluetooth.

“It lets a patient know if they are brushing too hard, which can decrease an electric toothbrush’s efficacy,” New York dentist Dr. Edward Alvarez, tells Smile InSight. “It will even tell you if your brush heads need changing. For patients who have difficulty brushing, who unknowingly may not be brushing long enough or for those who want a healthier mouth, this technology has made the experience more user-friendly and effective.”

Apps can help

An app can help you keep up with your oral health, as Smile InSight points out, “These days, there’s a smart device application for just about everything, and oral health is no exception. As it turns out, there’s a dental insurance mobile app that enables you find dentists, call to make appointments, track claims and more: AlwaysAssist.”

Digital X-Rays

The technology your dentist uses is also changing in positive ways. It includes improvements to X-Rays.

“In some dental offices, digitized X-rays (think digital camera) are replacing traditional radiographs. Although digital X-rays have been on the market for several years, they have recently become more popular with dentists,” according to WebMd. “Digital X-rays are faster and more efficient than traditional radiographs. First, an electronic sensor or phosphor plate (instead of film) is placed in the patient’s mouth to capture the image. The digital image is then relayed or scanned to a computer, where it is available for viewing. The procedure is much faster than processing conventional film.”

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