Five Important Tips For Whiter Teeth

baking_sodaIt is obvious that brushing is the most important thing you can do for the overall health and look of your teeth and smile. It is what you MUST do to get your teeth whiter. But there are a few other tips that you can use to get those teeth even whiter!

Strawberries & Apples

Despite their red color, strawberries can be a natural teeth whitener. A study found that strawberry juice had a whitening effect on teeth stained by coffee. Strawberries contain malic acid, which whitens the teeth. The same goes for apples, which not only contain malic acid but a lot of water, which helps wash away leftover food and residue on the teeth. Hard, crunchy vegetables such as carrots and celery also have a cleansing effect.

Eat Some Cheese

Eating cheese is another way to clean your teeth and keep them white, while the natural minerals it contains can strengthen your enamel. Cheese has calcium in it for starters, which is really good for your teeth. Whiter cheeses are even better, with cheddar being one of the most effective because the rest of its cleansing properties lie in the hard surface structure, meaning that softer cheese such as brie and blue cheese do not give the same results.


Practice Good Oral Hygiene

The simplest and most effective way to maintain teeth whiteness is to practice good oral hygiene. At a minimum, this means brushing for the required four minutes a day. Twice daily.

There is some evidence that electric toothbrushes are better for cleaning, particularly the ones with the small heads, but if you have a good technique, it shouldn’t matter what you use. Take time to brush all the corners of your mouth, placing your toothbrush at a 45-degree angle to the gums. Follow up with flossing and mouthwash for even better results.

Brushing With Baking Soda Toothpaste

A comparison study found that toothpaste containing baking soda were significantly more effective at preventing stains and whitening teeth than a regular silica-based toothpaste. Mixing a teaspoon of baking soda with a small glass of water, or applying it directly to the teeth using a toothbrush, can also remove some stains. However, as baking soda is an abrasive, it can damage the tooth enamel. Minimize the risk to your enamel by only doing this occasionally.

Visit Your Dentist

If your teeth are more severely stained, you will need to visit a dentist to get them whitened. They will apply a carefully controlled concentration of bleach to the teeth using a tray that is molded to fit your mouth. When having your teeth whitened with bleach, it is extremely important to go to a qualified dentist rather than visiting a beauty salon (where it is illegal) or ordering products online.

These are some very informative tips. Dr. Steven A. Rosenberg who cares for his patients unlike any other dentist in South Florida, primarily the Plantation area says it is best to come in and get your teeth whitened, and then take these tips and run with them in the future. Whether you are getting extensive work done like a root canal, Invisalign, crowns, or full dentures, or lighter work such as whitening, fillings, or preventative oral care, this is your dentist’s office.

Dr. Rosenberg is a Miami, Florida native who received his undergrad degree from Emory University and got his Doctor of Dental Surgery degree from Georgetown University Dental School. He has been in private practice for over 20 years. Dr. Rosenberg is President-Elect of the Broward County Dental Association. He is Vice President of the Broward Dental Research Clinic where has been on the board of directors for five years. He is a member of the Intracoastal Study Club. Professional memberships include the American Dental Association, the Florida Dental Association, the Atlantic Coast District Dental Association, and the Broward County Dental Association.

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