dental procedures

Dental Procedures Can Enhance Your Smile

dental procedures
Dental procedures can add sparkle to your smile.

Dr. Steven A. Rosenberg and Associates offers several dental procedures that can help enhance your smile. They include.

Teeth whitening

One of the most popular dental procedures nationwide is teeth whitening. As we point out on our website, “The procedure itself really doesn’t take very long. A hardening resin is applied to the gums to protect them from irritation from the bleaching gel. The bleaching gel which is hydrogen peroxide will be applied to the teeth. This will remain on the teeth for approximately 15-30 minutes. It will then be removed and an additional one or more treatments will be reapplied and remain on the teeth again for 15-30 minutes.”

Cosmetic bonding

Another popular dental procedure is cosmetic bonding, which can be used to reshape teeth, repair broken or chipped teeth, and other purposes. “The process of cosmetic bonding makes use of a dental composite, a paste-like material which is highly mold-able and usually created using a mixture of acrylic resins and fillers, to help improve your smile and dental health,” we point out on our website.


Veneers are a thin layer of material that can be placed over a tooth either to protect from damage or improve appearance. Common uses include repairing discolored teeth or teeth that are worn down. Two types of material, composite and dental porcelain, are used for veneers.

“The number one advantage of veneers is that they offer the most dramatic improvement out of all of the dental restoration procedures. They boast unmatched strength and durability and can last for over 15 years. The disadvantage is that the procedure requires a waiting period of at least two weeks to allow time for professional fabrication in a dental lab,” we write on our website.

Tooth-colored fillings

Tooth-colored fillings are a big improvement over the old amalgam-style fillings, and can even be used to replace such old fillings.

“Dr. Rosenberg and Associates precisely matches tooth-colored composite fillings with the natural color of your teeth, a skilled cosmetic dentist is able to provide you with white fillings that are virtually invisible. The removal of old amalgam fillings can provide patients with white fillings that provide a more pleasing, worry free smile,” according to our site.

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